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From a lesson in Changping:


Student: “Where are ’s colonies?”

Me: “Vancouver.”

General laughter and nodding in agreement.


So this ‘new’ (but it’s actually old) class I have to teach for three more lessons before their course is finished: Well, they weren’t overly helpful helping me choose a topic for them to talk about today. So I told them to research culture over the weekend. It’ll be interesting to see what they tell me this afternoon.


Anyway, I spent this morning online doing my own research (because you know I’ve completely forgotten everything about my native culture. In fact, I always have to check my passport whenever anybody asks where I’m from.) and I came across a wealth of stuff. It’s surprising how much you will find when you google “ history” or “Te Reo”. Also searching turned up some surprisingly useful websites. I’m always amazed when bureaucrats suddenly show they can actually be useful.


So here’s the list of links I’m going to write on the blackboard:



Actually, I’m not entirely sure about the kiwifm address. It’s one of the links that disappeared when I was trying to transfer shit from the old computer to this one, and I haven’t bothered looking for it again so long as I’ve been stuck with this shitty dial-up. Hopefully I should have some magical wireless card that uses a SIM card and goes through the cellphone network this evening, which I’m told is not quite as fast as broadband but definitely faster than dial-up. Then I’ll try kiwifm again. No, I’ll check the address now, and try listening when I get a faster connection.


Anyway, in about two hours time I’ll find out what the students found out about culture.


Oops! I forgot to google rugby! Dammit! How could I forget the national religion?! See, this is exactly why I was exiled to , I’m just not a good enough Kiwi!


Right, better get lunch.


Eating lunch and updating right now. Need more hands.

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