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This is meant to be incoherent

A lot of this I was going to write days ago. But other things got in the way. Now I have a lot more to write about, or at least, I thought I did at 10 this morning. I’ll try, but I may well have forgotten half of it already. Two films: The Road to Guantanamo...

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People, places and stuff

People are weird. We were lucky on the train to Dalian. Often hard seat can turn into hell in a tin can. Part of what can make it good or bad is the people sitting around you, and it was in that respect that we were lucky. In our little group there was...

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So we’re in Dalian . The train ride here wasn’t quite as bad as I thought it would be. I’ve had some pretty rough experiences of hard seat, and I’m sure there are worse stories out there than I’ve experience. Anyway, everybody in our row was pretty cool....

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