stupid headlines and strange people

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"Civilians Israeli targets says Amnesty"

"Headlines Yoda writes", says Chris.

What kind of sentence structure is that? Object-subject-verb? Never heard of that occuring in English before.

And I know it's only a headline, but shouldn't there at least be a comma before 'says'. And why the hell is 'Israeli' singular? The article makes it clear that the State of Israel is being blamed, not some random Joe Bloggs Israeli who took a rifle and shot at civilians off his own bat.

Truly, all of Western civilisation is coming to an end.

And on a completely unrelated note: lzh has told me that once or twice somebody has tried our apartment door. It just happened again. No knock or anything, just trying the door handle to see if he/she/it could get in. Why? I don't know. I deliberately did not investigate lest I inadvertantly encourage some language leech to keep coming back for free English lessons, or worse.

I had this shit out in Taiyuan, where there was one classroom that all the foreign teachers used a couple of times a week and students would just walk into my apartment and make up some bullshit excuse like "I thought this was the classroom" when they clearly knew it wasn't. I wound up putting a rather pointed notice on the door and keeping the apartment locked at all times. Coming from New Zealand, locking the door even when I'm home does not come naturally, but it became necessary. And so when we moved in here I just borrowed from my experience in Taiyuan and we've kept the door permanently locked.

So, clearly our privacy and security really are going to be respected, as the school assured us when we arrived.

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