a little late

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我给你讲一件奇怪的事: 虽然我六年多住在中国, 我一直都没有参加过中国的婚礼. 今天就是第一次参加婚礼.


今天我跟宏和她的家人上车了去延庆县城. 我们先去新郎的家. 那边人特别多. 我们看了一看, 跟人家聊聊, 然后又上车了去饭店.

在新郎的家我觉得人多. 从饭店我学会了"人山人海" 是什么意思.

Alright, so it's a little late, like an hour or so, but as you can tell, I was delayed by a wedding. And, well, moving back up to the village for the holiday and enjoying some 燕京干啤 yesterday. But here it is.

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