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This is not the kind of article I would've expected on a PRC government website, but still, it's there, and it discusses an exhibition of Mainland broadcasts intercepted in Taiwan. The exhibition is being held in the Taiwan Radio Museum, which apparently:

was first used as military radio transmission base by Japanese troops. The construction began in 1937 and was completed in 1940. After 1949, the building became the Min-shong sub-station, one of the nine branches of the Central Radio Station that broadcast radio programs to the mainland.

So it seems like the museum itself has plenty of stories to tell. For example:

According to museum assistant Liu Hsiang-mei, during the period of cross-Straits confrontation, the main duty of the Central Radio was to wage broadcasting battles and keep in contact with undercover agents on the mainland.

Of course, the ending betrays a Mainland influence- to the article, at least:

"Since there is an increase of cross-Straits communication, we have deleted some inappropriate programs and added open-minded and multiple content. The exhibition reminds us not to repeat the history," said Huang. "We used to be an anti-CPC radio station, but now we wish to build a bridge across the Taiwan Straits."

Aha. Right.

Anyway, I'd actually be really interested in seeing this exhibition, but I'm here in Beijing. So I wonder... Prince Roy, would you be able to check this out?

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