a long, long day

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They put make-up on me. They made me get up really early and traipse halfway across town and then they put make up on me.

Then there was a trip up into the mountains and photos were taken. Then eventually we managed to sneak in some lunch before the minibus returned to Beijing. Then, of course, there were traffic jams. All up it was about 12 or 13 hours for two or three hours of photos actually being taken- and of course, for most of those two or three hours of photos being taken lzh and I were sitting around waiting for our turn.

We are both utterly, thoroughly exhausted.

Well, I'm sure those who've been in China more than a year or two will manage to figure out what we were doing today, and actually, it wasn't a bad experience. Much less painful than I expected (I never liked being at the pointy end of a camera. I always preferred to do the pointing). Anyway, I'm too tired. Explanations come later, like maybe tomorrow afternoon.

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