grrr. work.

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So all good things must come to an end, and other similar cliches. The latest good thing to come to an end is my summer holiday.

So I have my timetable, and it looks like this'll be a busy semester. 22 hours of class per work, 16 of those hours being writing classes. So, lot's of extra paper work, then. Fortunately, all those writing classes are at the same level, which keeps the preparation part of the workload down to something manageable. But with 30 something students per writing class and four classes..... That's lots of essay marking.

That's alright, though. Despite all the extra paper work, I actually prefer teaching things like writing (and reading and listening and literature and culture) because classes like that give you something much more solid and meaty to sink your teeth into than the usual vague, vapid oral English classes that make up most of the timetable for most foreign teachers. 

So these writing classes start tomorrow, and I'm pretty much all prepared for that. The first lesson, of course, will just be introductions and a quick, easy test to see what level their writing is at (and how much they've forgotten over the summer and how much reviewing we need to do before we get stuck into this year's textbook). I have the first unit of the textbook all mostly mapped out, and it shouldn't be too hard to turn that outline into proper lessons.

Ugh. A programme I spent two years on after I left BeiGongDa the first time, and a programme I hated for a variety of reasons, has left me better equipped to plan out units and perhaps even semesters than I used to be. I guess this is a good thing. But still, what I spent a significant portion of this afternoon doing reminded me a bit too much of that programme.

Oh well, back to work and the real world.

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