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Everybody always says Sichuan food is the best food in the world. Well, Sichuan people are always saying that, and a lot of others agree that Sichuan food is pretty damn good. Personally, although I've never been to Sichuan itself, I was never that impressed with Sichuan food- it's good, yes, but I think Hunan food is better, and there's plenty of food around the world that at least matches Sichuan in its goodness.

And now Mr Bamboo, who has just finished his first week in Chengdu, has spoken:

"I'm still waiting to be awed by the food which is as stodgy as anything I've ever had anywhere else in China. The local attempts at gong bao ji ding are nowhere near as good as the version at XXKX. The restaurant behind the school where we went for lunch before James and Katie left does some nice dishes, though. Provided it's not too expensive, it should be worth repeated visits. Zoe's and the Bookworm are worth visits on special occasions, but otherwise too expensive for dining on a regular basis. I must try Red Brick Pizza some time.

Ouch. Chengdu's gongbao jiding compares unfavourbaly to that cooked at a restaurant in Fuzhou? Chengdu food stodgy? Well, John, I hope you make it through your time in Chengdu without the locals forming a posse and burning you at the stake for blasphemy.

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