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And so I bring the computer over to the office just on the other side of Xidawang Lu and all of a sudden China Uselesscom gives me maximum signal and a halfway decent connection. So I guess I'm going to be spending a lot of my spare time here.

Well, every apartment has its quirks, and although our new apartment is really nice and we like it a lot, its no exception to that rule. One thing I don't like about it, apart from the like of a China Uselesscom signal, is that the first thing you see when you walk in the door is the bathroom. There's something just fundamentally odd about that. Still, looking at the overall design of the building, it's hard to see how our apartment could be set up any better.

The only other gripes I have right now are just as minor and aren't so much about the apartment as about the area. It's a nice area, but it seems to have absolutely no xiaomaibu whatsoever. I've looked, I can't find one. There's normally one or two ground floor apartments whose inhabitants sell stuff out their window, but not in our area. There's a market very close by to the southwest, but there's no gate that we can find on that side of our compound, meaning we have to walk all the way around to the east gate and onto Xidawang Lu and around the outside wall of the compound.

See? Minor gripes. Actually, we've found everything we need and then some. Not difficult considering I was living in this area when I met lzh. And it's really good to feel so settled in so quickly. I only wish our compound had a gate on the west side or there was a xiaomaibu inside. I suppose, though, the extra walk to the market is going to be good for us, so there's no sense complaining.

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