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Now I really do have too much spare time. One class just finished, one class was given to some part-timer a couple of weeks ago, and the last class I have here will be given to another part-timer starting Monday. Which leaves me with only my weekly trip to Yizhuang to justify this month's salary. Which means I've wound up with a three-month summer holiday, basically.

Alright with me. Only thing is I've got to find something to fill all this spare time with. I'm sure I'll cope, though, I'm really good at killing time.

I think I'll avoid going out too much, though. The summer heat has arrived with a vengeance. Thirty-eight degrees yesterday, according to the forecast, and it felt like it. The weather's a bit more bearable today, though, only in the mid-thirties and the smothering humidity of the last couple of days has finally lifted.

Lunch with the students yesterday was good. It was especially good that I had no class to rush off to in the afternoon. The only hassle was the getting there and back. The restaurant the school always uses for such occasions isn't even a kilometre away, but the heat and humidity were suffocating. Still, we managed it.

It's kind of odd, though, that while the school hires two part-time teachers and the other full-timer here has a ridiculous amount of overtime, I'm left doing virtually nothing. Still, I won't complain.

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