I'm not the only one

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I'm not the only one who thinks Google is evil. Although I don't necessarily agree with all of Lonnie's reasoning here, I fully agree that Google is evil. Google is the new Microsoft, but scarier because Google looks and smells so darn nice. It's like you can see a cute little cat playing in your garden, but really a gigantic monstrous octopus-type thing is slithering insidious tentacles into everything taking control of your entire house. I think Google is much closer to world domination than Microsoft will ever be precisely because it is so good at hypnotising us with that nice, soft, fluffy, cute image while sneaking behind our backs to slowly take control of everything.

Good thing I'm in China where Google just can't get marketshare.

Now, I suppose I should follow Lonnie's example and boycott Google.... But there's the other thing about Google that scares me: It's a drug. It's like a nice, clean, "herbal" high that leaves you feeling good the next morning, no hangover, but gets you addicted just as strongly as any other drug.... I wonder what withdrawal from this one feels like.

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