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So I was watching CCTV 9 last night, that half hour programme before World Wide Watch, and they had an item on a Buddhist temple in Neijiang, Sichuan. It was the usual CCTV 9 fluff, but one thing kept bugging me like a stubborn mosquito all the way through this programme. The monks were described as "aesthetes" and one of them was living a particularly "aesthetic" life locked in a tomb for three years meditating with one daily meal passed to him through a window which was  normally padlocked- and this extremely "aesthetic" monk was not allowed any contact with the monk who delivered his meal. Delivery Monk unlocked and opened the window, placed the food inside, closed the window, padlocked it and walked away. "Aesthete of all Aesthetes" monk then collected his food.

Right, and Oscar Wilde was a prominent Ascetic of the late 19th century.

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