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So I woke up this morning feeling like.... it was another morning. Ratty, headachy, and like I'd rather sleep a few more hours, in other words. Got up, got the computer going, got breakfast, the usual, but I just kept feeling worse and worse. Eventually gave up and went back to bed. Which pissed me off, because I'm trying to get the new blogtown blog up and running. I could only get so much done yesterday afternoon before I had to run off to class, and this morning was a washout because I apparently woke up in the middle of a migraine, and not for the first time since I moved back from Tianjin. Oh well, feeling a bit more functional now, and I've managed to get more work done over at blogtown.

I think I'm going to keep this and blogspot as main blogs (yes, even though blogspot is blocked), canalblog as a specific Chinese study blog (again, even though it's blocked), and blogtown as a kind of catch-all. I've also been thinking about getting my own website, and found a place that offers what seems like a pretty good deal on free hosting. That's just in the maybe thinking about maybe doing it stage, though.

Well, I should probably see about getting some Chinese study posts up. Got stuff to write about there.

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