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I can now also be found at Why? Part of my strategy- no, wait, my entire strategy for dealing with Nanny is to have blogs scattered at a variety of service providers around the net. Proxies are all well and good, but I'm trying to stay open and easily available. It's not like I'm any threat to anybody. Shit, I'm one of the least threatening people I've ever met. Anyway, this gets me two unblocked blogs in addition to the blocked ones. I think I'm going to keep this new one focused on the "Little Kiwi in Big China" angle, though, seeing as blogtown is a Kiwis-only service. Yes, that's right, go to blogtown's front page and click register. If you're outside New Zealand, it'll say, sorry, you're not in New Zealand so we won't let you register. Oh, but wait, if you're a Kiwi outside New Zealand you can email us and we might help. I'm not sure how I persuaded them I'm a Kiwi. Perhaps my email address was a bit of a giveaway. Perhaps writing "Blogtown outside Aotearoa" in the subject line helped. Hmmmmm.... Anyway, now I have two unblocked blogs. I feel a little more legal now.

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