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So as this seems to be my only blog account that is totally open and available on the mainland, it might soon become my main blog. I can log in to and apparently blog on blogger, but I can't see It appears canalblog is also blocked, which means my newly-started Chinese study blog has now also disappeared behind the firewall, which is really frustrating.

I'm looking around at the options, seeing what I can do to stay open on the mainland. I'll still keep everything going for the time being, though.

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Jean 21/03/2007 13:53

I felt that I should use the French version of my name, since you're on a French host. Viva Las Vegas!I see what you mean about blogspot. This'll be fun because it seems that I can say anything I like. I might not be able to read it for a few months (or ever), but – I don't know – it's kind of ironic. I think we've had a little too much irony over the past couple of days, though.

chrislzh 22/03/2007 04:31

Irony? Really? I would've used different words. Anyway, I'm now up to my fifth active and sixth overall blog account: Hopefully this one stays on the right side of the firewall. Maybe we should have a competition to see who can keep the most unblocked blogs? Or the largest number overall? This really is getting ridiculous, but there you go, life just wouldn't be complete without a healthy dose of absurdity.