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Over the years I've had, I believe, five different blog accounts, four of which are still either active or at least valid, if somewhat dormant. Until Live Journal got blocked that was always my main blog. For a while I had a backup at blog-city, but blog-city got blocked, so I abandoned that (I really hate using proxies) and opened a backup at over-blog, which is now my permanent backup (and getting a hell of a lot more traffic than it used to). I started using blogspot a few months ago, at first just playing around, seeing what I could do with it, and when Live Journal got blocked, I decided to make this my main blog. I also experimented with canalblog for a while but deleted that blog when I shifted my main blog here because I use the same username for both and I wanted to avoid any possible conclusion. After deleting that canalblog blog, I discovered I still had a live account there, and I couldn't find a way to close that.

So here I am with more blog accounts than any sane person should have. I intend to keep my Live Journal account semi-active, I have obvious and good reasons to keep this blog and its backup at over-blog going. What the hell do I do with this canalblog account, though? Well, I suppose I could let it expire.

Then last night I was lying in bed staring at the ceiling, mind refusing to shut up and let me sleep yet again, and I thought, well, I fell out of the habit of studying Chinese regularly months ago, and I really need to start that again. How can I motivate myself? Wait, I have this fourth, unused blog account at canalblog. Maybe I could use that as a motivator. Yeah, I could post my own attempts at writing Chinese, like I used to do at Live Journal, and I could also post stuff on what I find in my textbook or in 余华/Yu Hua's 活着/To Live (the first novel I'm attempting to read entirely in Chinese- and I'm making very slow progress indeed). Yeah, if I can keep that going regularly, maybe that'll help keep the motivation going. Well, it's worth a shot, anyway.

And just so you know,  the new Chinese study blog will be Bezdomny etudie chinois. I can't guarantee it'll actually continue to be updated. It may well fall into disuse like it's predecessor at canalblog.

So I guess I better get on to setting it up properly and updating the blogrolls here and at blogspot

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