bloody useless diplomats

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So via (which does, I believe, have a name, but I never bothered remembering it), I learn about an exhibition on New Zealand touring China, beginning in Beijing. The article says nothing about exactly where or when we can see the exhibition, of course. I mean, I long since gave up expecting journalists to do a halfway decent job of reporting things. But what pisses me off is that even though I'm on the New Zealand Embassy's mailing list, I've so far recieved absolutely no information from the embassy about this. So I check the embassy website and find two articles, what looks like a press release, and an attempt at a schedule. Brilliant. But were these useless bloody diplomats thinking of ever informing the many Kiwis who live in China? I mean, we can help out a lot here by spreading the word and encouraging our Chinese family, friends and acquaintances to check out the exhibition.

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