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I'm sure you all think I'm a total arsehole for forgetting my wife's birthday. Well, you're all wrong. I may be an arsehole, in fact, some people think so, but I didn't forget. I got it wrong, yes, I fucked up, this is true, but you lot don't even know half the story.

See, I could explain how it is that I've never yet figured out when her birthday is exactly. I could explain the chain of events that led to me getting the wrong day. I could explain that because of the way she's been talking this week, I thought her birthday was this weekend, that we would be going to the village (as it turns out, we didn't) and that I could arrange with her mum to get her a cake and a decent birthday dinner like last year. I could try to explain the circumstances that led me to spend Friday either sitting around doing nothing or in class, or that once I heard that Friday was actually her birthday that I started thinking about taking her out for a decent birthday dinner. I could also explain that up until now, even though I have never managed to figure out exactly when her birthday is, I have never yet forgotten or missed it in any way because, like Spring Festival, even though it's on a different calendar, there's always plenty of reminders. I could also explain that this year's reminders were rather more vague, leading me to get the wrong day. But none of that matters 'cos you all still think I'm an arsehole for forgetting her birthday, anyway.

Anyway, it is true, I did fuck up (note to self: Should this happen again, at the very, very least, run out and get a cake. Even if the mere smell of the icing makes you want to vomit, she still expects a cake. A birthday without cake is like Spring Festival without jiaozi, or visiting Gufu without drinking baijiu. Note to current and possible future employers: it's the thought that counts. I know that when you give me a birthday cake you're trying to be friendly and hospitable, but really, just think about giving me the cake, I'll be much happier that way).  Yes, I could've and should've done better. But I didn't and it was not entirely my fault and I was not an arsehole, despite what you may believe. I was under the impression her birthday was this weekend, not Friday.

So, hate me if you want to, criticise me all you want (just not here), but I don't give a fuck.

Yes, the whole birthday incident still has me pissed off. Don't worry, I'll get over it.

Anyway, we managed to rescue yesterday, sort of, and today, even though my temper is running on a much shorter fuse than normal for no obvious reason, we sort of managed to make up for the loss. The plan changed to: If it rains, we stay in Beijing; if it doesn't, we go to the village. It's raining, so we opened the 'not going to the village plan', and it said: "Go to Big Pizza for lunch, get a new SIM card for the China Unicom CDMA wireless internet doohickey so Chris doesn't waste too much money on the 95963 dial-up, send money to Didi to pass on to Ba and Ma."  Walking past the Wudaokou Cinema on the way home I thought, hey, I wonder if by some miracle 'Still Life' is still playing.... no of course it's not... Oh well, let's have a look and see what's on, anyway. Then, having crossed the road, we were suddenly closer to a DVD store, so we stopped in to see if they had 'Still Life'. They did. We bought it and 'Green Hat'.

And Big Pizza is always a safe bet for treating lzh. She loves their all you can eat buffet, I like the fact that it's also all you can drink, and that includes beer, and lzh has become expert at pouring a pint.

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