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So Ba put the illegal cable back in and for a few hours last night we actually got to choose what we could watch on tv. lzh made him take the cable out again because she's scared somebody will check and fine us 200 kuai.

Then, having seen how clear her uncle's satellite tv is, she decided we need that too. As it turns out, the only person in the village selling satellite dishes actually lives in an entirely different village, hasn't opened his shop here, and won't be able to set us up with a satellite for another two days. And we leave in two days, so we're leaving that until next time.

But that's ok, because somehow we've wound up with two channels to watch. CCTV 1 and Yanqing TV. Yes, it's lots of fun. That's why I decided to get online.

Well, I suppose I should be out visiting the family. I have an excuse.

Last night went pretty much as expected. I was stuffed full of jiaozi. And baijiu. And I washed that down with beer. After dinner the Spring Festival Gala came on. I guess I was kinda tired. I climbed on the kang and fell asleep about half an hour in to the gala. lzh woke me up just before midnight, and we went outside to light fireworks. I managed to not blow myself up this time. Then I got another beer and drank that while the gala was winding down. Outside, of course, resembled a war zone, as I'm sure pretty much the entire country did.

Then this morning I was woken up really early, as per usual, but I had a splitting headache and wanted to spew. After a bit of lying there trying to get back to sleep, I gave up and went to the toilet. After a bit of dry wretching and the shortest time possible spent squatting (it ain't pleasant when your arse is freezing), I wandered back inside and got back on the kang. I managed to drink some tea without spewing, and eventually got back to sleep. A while later I woke up again, and unfortunately lzh made me get up. I felt, well, not so much better as less bad. Still tired and achy. After some more tea, I managed to get permission to get back on the kang and lie down for a bit, and I was excused from bainian duty. Unfortunately, people decided to come visit us, so I couldn't possibly have gotten any sleep anyway.

Well, by about midday I started feeling a little more alive, but even so, I'm still not 100% now, and I'm still excused from having to trundle around visiting people. So I'm here alone, the Spring Festival Gala is being rebroadcast, Ba has taken the sheep out to graze, Ma and lzh have gone to visit..... somebody- I'm not so good at keeping track of exactly how all these people are related- and I'm here alone not watching the Gala on tv. It'll be rebroadcast several times this week, anyway, so I don't think I'll get to miss any of it.

I wouldn't mind seeing what Zhao Benshan did for this year's gala, though. He's usually pretty good, and I slept through his act last night.

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