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A short note for the "Fuck that's weird" department: lzh decided to inform me that when I speak English I have a Chinese accent. And, 我说汉语的时候,我有“外地”的口音。By that she means she can hear that I'm not a Beijinger born and bred, but it sounds like I'm from some other part of China. Hunan, perhaps, which is my 中国的老家 in the sense that that's where I spent my first year in China.

I can understand the comment on my accent when I speak Chinese, I'm sure plenty of other foreigners are in a similar position, but I can't figure out how the hell I acquired a Chinese accent to my English, or why she would insist I have such an accent. I mean, I do still occasionally meet people who somehow pick up on the Kiwi note to my accent. Not often, but still, sometimes, like once in a blue moon.

And I brought this all on myself by pointing out lzh was acquiring a slightly Kiwi tint to her English accent. But that was her fault for saying 'New Zilind'.

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