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So we found ourselves walking the length of Gui Jie twice in search of a restaurant.

It would've been fine if we'd just been looking for a restaurant, in 'any restaurant will do' mode, but no, lzh wanted to try 西门考鸡翅, or whatever it's called. It's supposed to be really tasty, right? Well, it was ok. Nothing special, I thought. But far more importantly: There's got to be something seriously wrong with a restaurant that serves only one thing.

Well, sure, they had plenty of drinks, a range of cold dishes, several varieties of fried rice, and several versions of chicken wings stuck on sticks and barbequed, but still, the menu seemed extremely limited. I've got no problem with a restaurant being known for one or two dishes, but shouldn't they have more than just those famous dishes on the menu?

We got to be there because yesterday I went to The Tree to meet my friend Master D so he could kick my arse at chess. I haven't played chess in a year, since he left Tianjin. Of course, he kicked my arse, although I think I did reasonably well in the second game. I'm out of practice, and he is an international master, all properly tested and qualified and registered and stuff. I go for long periods of time without playing a game, so I just don't get the practice I need. And the chess playing buddies I had in Beijing have all moved on to smaller and duller things, like Canada or Jiangsu. I guess I'm just going to have to get a chess game for the computer, might be the only way I get enough practice. That could also be a good way to get my Chinese chess up to scratch so I can start playing people.

See, my old Chinese teacher taught me how to play Chinese chess. Well, she taught me the rules and played a few games. Then I started beating her, and she got the pip and refused to play, so I never really learnt to play properly, only how to beat somebody who knows how to move the pieces but can't really see the board or understand strategy or even just think beyond the next move.

Anyway, Master D's hotel was in the middle of Gui Jie (he's only here temporarily this time). He went back to the hotel to take care of a couple of things, I picked up lzh from work (which is conveniently just on the other side of Changhong Qiao from Sanlitun), we met him at his hotel and lzh decided we were going to find this bloody chicken wing place. There were a couple of other chicken wing places, but no, we must find the Ximen chicken wing place. So we walked to the other end of Gui Jie, walked back, eventually spied a potentially promising looking sign down an alley off the southern side of Gui Jie, crossed the road, and there it was...... Disappointment. What kind of freaky restaurant only serves a few minor variations on one dish?

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