how could I forget?

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And how could I forget the puppies? Niuniu has had a few litters already, and Zaizai has been busy sowing his wild oats around the neighbourhood, but this is the first litter they've produced together. Four were born, three survived and today we're celebrating their 满月. One month old today. They were born the day after we left at New Year. These three are super-cute- a perfect blend of Niuniu and Zaizai, and with Zaizai's floppy ears. But the resemblance is no just physical: They're a blend of both personalities, meaning even at a mere one month old, they're real 厉害 and love fighting with each other. And they're tiny enough that they fit in the palm of my hand. And one of them, the most 厉害, managed to climb out of the box they're in for the first time about five minutes ago. Well, probably she climbed up to the edge of the box and fell over, but never mind. Anyway, they're providing hours of free entertainment.

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