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I want revenge.

You read that right.

So yesterday I was really keen to be on the road up to the village. I was looking forward to three relaxing days at the in-laws' place. Well, two relaxing days, and two friends' wedding and the bus ride home on Monday.

But then we arrived only to discover some fuckwit had beaten up our Zaizai. And, of course, we've got no way of finding out who did it. He's got a big ugly scar on his forehead and a limp, and he's lost a lot of his usual vitality and vigour. He still barks loudly, of course, but he's moving around a lot more slowly than he used to. And he's lost a lot of weight, too.

Both lzh and I are really pissed off about this, especially because there's nothing we can do about it. So here's the deal: If you can track down the motherfucker who did this and..... well, I shouldn't encourage violence, so give him a good talking too, at least, then I'll buy you a crate of beer or baijiu, whichever you prefer.

But on a more serious note: It's really bloody frustrating because there is nothing we can do about it. Zaizai is kept as safe as possible, but we can't be here watching over him all the time, and neither can Ba and Ma. And it may well have been Zaizai's fault. His biggest character flaw is a habit of chasing anybody who just happens to be walking past. Maybe I should talk to Ba and Ma and see about finding some way to close that collossal gap beneath the gate that a dog twice Zaizai's size could sprint through..... Anyways, it's entirely possible that Zaizai chased somebody who was thoroughly sick of being chased and who then turned around to teach him a lesson. It's a huge fucking over-reaction, but it's possible. Then again, all the neighbours and everybody who passes this way know that Zaizai never bites. The only people who are scared of him are people from other parts of the village who don't often come this way, and they soon figure out that he's about as dangerous as a teddy bear with an irritating noise-making device.

Another possibility is that some fucking 变态 with a disliking for this family decided to express his disliking. This kind of shit has happened before. Other animals Ma and Ba have owned have been killed, even. I'd like to think this is not the case, but..... And there's no fucking way we'd be able to track the bastard down, either, because that sector of the village population would immediately close ranks. And even if we did find the bastard, what could we do? Revenge would only escalate things and make it all worse. And should I point out that none of us have any contacts worth a damn?

Anyway, Zaizai will be alright and back to chasing the neighbours down the road given a bit of TLC. Well, I hope this episode has taught him that it's better not to chase people and to be a little less trusting of anybody who doesn't seem scared by his bark.

And the other frustrating thing about this weekend? Jiujiu and Jiuma are here. Let me explain: Last Spring Festival these two showed up empty handed, ate a shitload of food, drank as much baijiu, stayed the night (they live up Zhangjiakou way, which is where Ma is from), ate a shitload more food and drank still more baijiu, then went home with a couple of sheep worth of meat. Naturally I did not take much of a liking to them. And now they're back and showing a distinct inability to take a hint. Ma politely told them they should go home yesterday because lzh and I were coming and there isn't much space left to house them, at least not enough space above freezing point. And they seem to spend most of the time sitting around watching tv. And I'd be very surprised if they made any kind of contribution.

Ah well, can't win them all, so onto a more positive vein:

It's really warm. Really. Yesterday it was ten degrees downtown, and I was sweating like a pig (but wait.... pigs don't sweat... I was sweating like something very sweaty in a very hot place) on the bus, wrapped up in my winter woollies without enough space to get my thick, huge coat off on a bus that was heated to twenty three degrees by all the bodies on board. And then when we got off the bus on the county town it was still really warm, only slightly cooler than downtown. Same thing when we got to the village. I brought hat, gloves and scarf with me and was prepared to run to the spare room and dig out a fleece jacket to chuck over the rest of my clothes because normally this time of year that's what I need when I'm sitting on the kang inside. But no, yesterday I was standing outside perfectly comfortable without my coat or any extra clothing and a bee was flying around me. A bee, for fuck's sake! At this time of year!

Oh, and if anybody is tempted to claim that crate of beer or baijiu, I'm going to stick to the usual policy of writing nothing more to identify this village or any of the other people than telling you what county we're in and using the usual nicknames for the people I've always used. And actually, I'm not going to tell you what county we're in this time. I've named it often enough, if you've been paying attention you'll know.

So, wedding tomorrow. Unfortunately people around here know I can drink baijiu. I'll survive, though, and I'm sure it'll be fun. Not looking forward to the bus ride back into town, though.

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