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What a brilliant day. So I wake up feeling not too good, but that is typical for me in the morning. I went about the usual daily routine, thinking that after breakfast and the usual 50-odd litres of tea I'd perk up.

It wasn't perking that upped, though.

About the time I sat down at the computer to begin yet another day wasted online, I started feeling really shitty (that is an official medical term, by the way). Just tired, headachy, generally like I wanted to climb back into bed and sleep for a week. But I persisted in wasting my life online, thinking I felt this way because of the noisy bloody students waking me up when they went to class.

Then as I was about to take my first mouthful of rice porridge (there was left over rice in the rice cooker, and it's so much easier to just tip some water in, mix it up, and turn the rice cooker on than make a proper breakfast) I gagged. That's odd, I thought, but I figured it was just my general tiredness, that I'd come right soon enough, and I ate. But I only managed that one mouthful before I had to sprint for the bathroom and puke up bloody everything I'd consumed this morning and some stuff from last week as well.

Afterwards I tried to go about the rest of the morning, but I just kept feeling worse and worse. So I went back to bed. Couldn't bloody sleep, though, so I just lay there feeling bad wishing the students in the classroom next door could find some quieter way to spend their breaks. Or that they'd fall out the window and into some abyss to be swallowed by some horrible monster.

About midday I gave up on sleep, got up, turned the computer back on, made myself some tea, and got back to wasting my life. When I refused to go to the pharmacy because I just didn't want to move any further than absolutely necessary, lzh got a neighbour to bring me some medicine (odd world we live in- lzh uses an instant message to get somebody who is just downstairs to bring me up some medicine), and so she came upstairs witha box of Tongrentang's 感冒清热颗粒, which, fortunately, is my favourite cold medicine. She helped me brew up this vile, bitter concoction and I drank it and immediately started feeling better. Not great, but definitely less bad. And I continued to slowly feel better and better, to the point where I actually started feeling hungry again (always a good sign).

So I'm still not feeling 100%, and it really annoys me that not for the first time I find myself with a stomach upset that has no obvious cause, and it annoys me even more that this happened on a day when I have no class (but wait- if they couldn't get the other guy to cover for me, they'd make me catch up the class later when I feel better, so it really makes no difference).

There once was a time when I had a cast iron stomach and you had to work really, really hard to upset it. Then I went to Tianjin. Honestly, I think something in Tianjin buggered up my digestive system. Quite possibly it was all that "food" I ate at Ali Baba's. I thought I was aware of the risk of eating there, and I did often pay the consequences, but I wasn't expecting quite such a long term buggering up of my entire digestive system. Or maybe there's some other reason. Anyway, it is most irritating.

Yes, you did all need to know about my crappy day. I would never have told you, otherwise.

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