bandwidth? what's that?

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Bloody China bloody Unicom. I just tried to upload a photo onto my flickr and eventually just gave up. It's a combination of a rather large photo and a serious lack of bandwidth, like trying to squeeze an overweight elephant into a Mini.

When we bought this wireless doohickey we were told it wasn't as fast as broadband, but definitely faster than dial-up. Well, most days it's only marginally faster than dial-up, fast enough that I can occasionally listen to Kiwi FM or open a youtube video, turn the sound off and do something else for the time it takes to play all the way through, then watch the video again (the only way I can watch video with this connection. It usually takes five minutes to get through a one minute video, it stops and starts so much). I tried uploading a photo to flickr the other day, but it was too slow, so I gave up. I tried Photobucket to see if there was any difference. No, gave up then too. And today? Forget it.

And no, this has nothing to do with any earthquake or broken cables. It's been this way the entire bloody time.

And my school isn't much help. They promised free broadband when I arrived. When I asked them to install it, they said, "Oh, but you don't need it, you'll be up in Changping on weekdays over the summer, and we turn the broadband off after hours." Forget about growing a brain and just leaving the bloody thing going, or signing my up for a regular commercial broadband like the did for a colleague. Doesn't matter, I'd rather not be on a school network, anyway. Too many security hassles.

Anyway, maybe next time I actually get some bandwidth I'll remember to upload photos. Or maybe I'll just get lzh to upload them for me from her work computer.

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