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So here I was safe and happy in the knowledge I only have one class per week, and what happens? I sneeze all over my screen, that's what! Oh, and they wake me up from a nap to give me a new timetable.

Bad news first, it's always better to get the worst shit out of the way first so we can all stay happy and positive: I have to teach that horrible class of super-negative losers twice next week.

Kinda iffy news that may turn out to work in my favour: The week after next is all up in the air.

Good news: I've got extra lessons with this class 'cos they want to go home earlier. Which means I get a longer break. That's good news. Also, they're not all super-negative losers. Most of them are decent folks who're willing to give it a go.

What's all messed up is they seem to have completely changed the timetable for next week, which is both good and bad. I don't have to see these guys until Thursday, which is good, but I see them at 8 am on Thursday. 8 am is punishment for shoplifting in civilised countries (weak joke lifted directly from Wayne's World and adjusted to suit this post. Don't ask why I still remember that). And then I see them next Sunday at 2 pm. It's an alright kind of a time, and gets the pain over and done with in time for a civilised start to beer o'clock, but still, it's a Sunday. They're taking two hours out of my weekend.

Well, shit, I've been enjoying six-day weekends for the last couple of weeks, and this new schedule really doesn't do much to disturb that. Damn, it's a hard life being a foreign teacher.

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