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Thanks to Matt at No Borders No Limits, I come across two quizzes that allegedly measure your political beliefs. Weird.

The first is far too strongly American to be of much use to anyone who isn't, but I tried it anyway, clicking on the 'political philosophy' option 'cos it was the least specifically Yank. It told me I was a libertarian-leaning liberal. Whatever.

The second, Political Compass, is a bit more international and a bit more nuanced. It has an x-axis measuring your economic views, ranging from hardcore Communism on the left to hardcore Capitalism on the right (it's odd how they structured that, isn't it?), and a y-axis measuring your social views, ranging from total Fascist authoritarianism at the top to total Anarchsim at the bottom. I came out almost but not quite in the bottom-left corner, meaning I'm some kind of nutcase hardcore anarcho-communist, or something like that.

What's also cool about the Political Compass site is that it has graphs showing the political parties of New Zealand, Canada, the UK and Germany in 2005 or 2006, the EU governments of 2006, and the US presidential candidates of 2004. The only political party that even came close to my views was the UK Greens. There was no EU government or US presidential candidate that came even within a ballpark range.


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