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AVG is driving me nuts. I use the free edition of AVG and it seems to do a pretty damn good job of keeping my computer virus-free, but for the last month or so it's started flashing up messages when I turn my computer on saying that it's about to expire. At first it said it would expire on January 15, but this morning, for no obvious reason, the date was suddenly pushed back to February 18 (which is Spring Festival, I believe). So, just what is going on? Should I start suspecting that this is some underhand, not particularly polite, and morally dubious attempt to get me to actually pay for something? Or is it, as I first suspected, that they're about to do an AdAware and stop offering a basic, free edition? Or both? Maybe the expiry date got pushed back because they weren't scaring enough people into upgrading to a paid version?

Well, they ain't scaring me yet. Although I will be most pissed off if I have to go out and buy an anti-virus.

Even so, just in case: Any recommendations for a replacement anti-virus (preferably free) would be most welcome. But be warned: Anybody who recommends the Chinese anti-virus that goes by the English name Rising will be condemned to spend the rest of 2007 in Taiyuan. My school in Tianjin had that installed on all its computers, and it was a piece of shit. Calling it 'useless' or 'worthless' would be too kind.

I have to admit, although most of the time the Irish half of my ancestry holds sway, when it comes to my computer and the internet, the Scottish half rears it's ugly head. If it's free, I'll take it. If it's going to cost me anymore than nothing there'd better be a damn good reason for me to part with each and every fen you want to take from me.

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