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Something I have forgotten to mention for a hell of a long time:

I read months ago that South Korea wanted to change the Chinese name of its capital from 汉城 to 首而 (or something that sounds like 'shouer'; I'm not entirely sure of those characters) because 'shouer' sounds more like Seoul. Well, I thought it was absolute bullshit, and more evidence that South Korea is a nation of petty little wannabe fascists at the time, but.....

...... I've seen '首而' (or whatever the real characters are) used a few times since then here in China in official situations, like in Beijing airport for example. It seems the Chinese government was sympathetic to the South Korean arguments.

Alright, I'm an arsehole, and I'm almost never sympathetic to any kind of Korean argument. It's something wrong in me, and I know it. But the fact is that every time I come across some South Korean argument to change the name of some place or another, my immediate reaction is along the lines of "Korea is a nation of petty little wannabe fascists". I'm wrong, I know......

Anyway, the point of this post is that, even though I never expected it, I have seen 'shouer' used for the South Korean capital in a few official situations.

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