bloody hell

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Right, just so you all know, the buses were running despite the snow, we got to the village safely, and we did sweet fuck all for the holiday, and it was good. I spent most of the time watching DVDs and drinking beer. The last day, friends of ours who had been skiing at Badaling dropped by for lunch and we all came back to Beijing together. That's all.

The subject refers to what just happened, though.

I walked into our apartment after class, sniffed, and thought, shit, is that gas I smell? I poked around the kitchen sniffing at things (no, I don't do that often), opened the cupboard where the gas bottle is stored, and thought, definitely gas. So I went to get help, not really knowing how to fix gas leaks myself and not wanting to risk blowing myself up.

And here's where the 'bloody hell' comes in: help decided that the best way to check for a gas leak was to light a piece of paper and wave it around the top of the gas bottle. I hid around the corner bracing myself.

Having successfully not blown a hole in the kitchen wall and left his smouldering body on the floor to be scraped up, help decided to demonstrate for me that there really was no leak. Then he gave me a few helpful little hints about using this rather primitive gas cooker set up without doing irreparable damage to either myself or the apartment. I expressed my most profound gratitude when he left.

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