Christmas Eve

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So it's Christmas eve. I have mixed feelings about Christmas, but I'll refrain from either getting all grinchy or trying to describe the surreality of Christmas with Chinese characteristics (which all two and half people reading this know all about already anyway) or going off on some weirdly puritanical rant about the birth of Christ, so stop shoving Satan Claus down my throat, arsehole! And besides, I don't really want to talk about Christmas.

So this afternoon we'll go out to buy lzh a ring. Cunning plan- offer to buy her the kind of present she can't resist and that requires her presence for me to buy. Well, actually, a ring is a very appropriate present considering tomorrow's plans.

Tomorrow we get up bright and early and go to the registry office and get married. Well, legally married, anyway.

Hey! We'll be legal! Cool! Seems like I've spent about half my life in some kind of semi-legal limbo, and one more step towards the complete legality of my existence is good.

We'll be legalised: They'll give us the certificate and say "Congratulations, now you are legally allowed to live together and have sex and make babies." Wow. That will make a huge difference to our lives. Well, the babies would. Relax, there are none on the way just yet.

Actually, the only thing I'm nervous about is the usual nervousness I feel when confronted with bureaucracy: Do we really have all the necessary documents and magic pieces of paper and red stamps? I sure as shit hope so, because this day has been long enough in coming and enough bureaucratic hassle as it is. But I'm pretty sure we're all bureaucratically ready.

So, tomorrow, all things going well, we'll be married.

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