Ain't no utopia

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What Steinbeck novel did I just watch in its film version? Really old film version, like from back before colour was invented.... Grapes of Wrath? That's the name that's stuck in my head. Y'know, Okies forced off the family farm in Oklahoma, move west to California, a certain Tom Joad seems to be threatening to turn into some kind of communist revolutionary with American characteristics.....

Well, whatever it was called, it was about as subtle as your average bulldozer. Can't say I disagree with the overall message of the film, though. I really must head down the bookstore and see if I can pick up anything by Steinbeck, though. I tried, in my younger days, and failed to get into him. His style was all wrong, just didn't sit right with me. Like I just told my colleague, though, it wasn't the language or dialect. It took me two goes to read Huck Finn, sure, but the first go the language beat me. Second time round I figured it out and realised I was reading a great novel. Nup. It's the style that beat me the first coupla times I tried Steinbeck.

Anyway, it had me wanting to rant on all kinds of Marxist bollocks, this film. 'Cos it showed capitalism for what it is: Just another fucking excuse to screw the people for all they're worth. But what the fuck are we gonna do? Judging from history, the best we can hope for is to stick a giant sticking plaster over the worst effects of capitalism: Social Democracy, in other words: The rich get to keep their ill-gotten gains, but the rest of us are kept from starving.

Holy fuck, I've become a Lib-Dem in my old age. And I'm not even fucking English.

Well, reality bites and I fucking hate it and I could fucking squeeze some more fucking f-words in this post. It's just the kind of film that leaves me pissed off enough to start a revolution, but still realistic enough to know I'd fail. Way of the world. I want to be an idealist, but I'm too bloody pragmatic.

And fuck it all, I'm too bloody misanthropic to give a damn what anybody outside of my clothing (apart from <a href="">lzh</a> thinks (yes she has her own blog now. Took a coupla months about telling me, but....)

So what's the point? Seeing the excesses of capitalism displayed so clearly makes me want to rebel. Knowing enough about the world and its reality let's me know there's no way to right the injustice. Best we can do is put a band-aid over the wound. But shit, a band-aid is better than nothing.

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