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Why am I so paranoid about skin cancer? Read this:


"MoleMap CEO Adrian Bowling said the figures meant New Zealand maintained its position as having the highest incidence of invasive melanoma per head in the world."

It's not all bad news:

"Central North Island and Otago regions showed relatively small increases of around 1 per cent."

Well, no shit. You live in those places, you generally stay covered up. Why? The risk of hypothermia generally enforces melanoma-preventing behaviour, like keeping your clothes on.

But still:

"Melanoma was still the most likely cancer to kill people under 40 and the damage was often done earlier in life, he said.
The Scorecard indicated some population segments were not as active at preventing melanoma and might be unaware of the ferocity and progressive nature of this deadly cancer, he said.
"Early detection and treatment of melanoma improves the chance of survival. Regular monitoring of changes to the skin and existing moles is a critical step to reducing melanoma deaths," he said.
"Those with numerous moles or atypical (unusual) moles, or a personal or family history, should consider an annual screening examination with an expert in skin cancer.""

So I'm gonna have to train lzh to keep an eye on moles and freckles on my back that I can't see so well (not having eyes in the back of my head) because in my case enough damage has already been done. And training her has to be followed up with regular trips to whichever hospital, be it 空军总医院 or whereever, to make sure. 

Shit, I've got auburn hair, which was bright fucking red when I was a kid, and the skin you'd expect to go with that.

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