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So I managed it. I wrote a story or article of 100 or 200 characters by 6 pm Sunday. I've managed an hour of Chinese study (almost) every day this week (so far). Just got to keep this going.

So this week's entry is kinda short, but by my count it just scraps through at a little over 100 characters. The other rule I set for myself was that each of these stories or articles would be written by hand relying on memory as much as possible. Even so, I spent a lot of time flipping through the dictionary checking or straight out looking up characters I should know. Thing is, I spend far too much time with computers and cellphones, which is fine for character recognition, but absolute crap for learning to write. Anyway, here it is:



I gave it to lzh to edit and correct. She made two changes: The 次 in the title I'd written with three dots instead of two, thanks to sloppy use of the dictionary on my part and my long-standing inability to tell the difference between those two radicals, and in the sentence "我们到了宿舍,很快把我们的东西存起来,赶快出去找一个地方喝点啤酒" I originally wrote 更 for 赶. Then she gave me a score of 4+ (4+ out of what? 100?) and scrawled something completely illegible which she assures me is actually writing and says something nice about my writing and encourages me to keep working hard and improving. And she reckons I could put a bit more detail into it. But this is the first thing I've written in Chinese (apart from simple shit like addresses) in about three years, so it counts as a start. I'll try and improve on this next time.

So now you can all see how crap my Chinese writing is.

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