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10 Hoegaardens + 2 pizzas = 780 kuai bill and a lot of really vivid and extremely weird dreams.

Just for the record: The Hoegaardens and pizzas were shared equally between two of us.

I've gotten far too lazy. I spent the summer sitting on my arse doing nothing. I've fixed that by going to the gym every couple of days. But my Chinese isn't getting any better. Last night I made lzh promise me that if I didn't study Chinese for at least one hour every day and write a story or article of 100 to 200 characters every week, she would beat me senseless. You can help: If that article or story isn't posted here by 6pm Sunday every week, beat me. Warning: I write like a six year old. Which kinda makes sense considering how long I've been here, but I can't wait another 15 or 20 years before my Chinese reading and writing get good enough to help me get a real job.

The book I'm using is 核心阅读中级本 from 华语教学出版社. I don't know if any of you know it or have any useful comments on the quality of it. I like it because the texts are of a manageable length with an appropriate number of new words, unlike other books I have which have one or two page texts with two or three pages of new words. I was going to put one of the texts here for you to see, but I can't be arsed right now. Maybe later I'll put one up with my attempt at a translation. Then you can all see just how crap my Chinese reading really is.

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