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I'm not normally given to over-reaction. At least, I don't think I am. But these articles have me seriously questioning whether I ever want to eat anything ever again.

The conclusion:

"When one looks back at all the food scandals that have occurred in recent years, we can’t help repeating the mantra that the Japanese ‘devils’ muttered in the old films: ‘All conscience is destroyed!’ But we can’t allow ourselves to forget all the terrible things that have happened. These food products are bought with the hard-earned cash of our people, and the price they have to pay is their lives, which they can only live once. We can’t just sit back passively and allow these things to happen. In 1987, during the outbreak of Hepatitis A in Shanghai, you could sell a bottle of Banlangen medicine [used to treat symptoms of Hepatitis] for the price of a much sought after television set. And ten years later in Guangzhou when SARS broke out, a bottle of vinegar [thought to help kill the virus] could sell for as much as 200 yuan! This is not fantasy, this is really the world we are living in. One can’t help remembering what Julius Fučík said: ‘Man – remain vigilant!’"

One wonders about the true nationality of the devils. Remain vigilant indeed, but there ain't a hell of a lot us ordinary folks can do. I have neither the equipment nor the expertise to test everything I buy, I can only hope that I manage to avoid the worst. I've already had enough run-ins with old beer (Chinese beer does not age well, and even Snow, which I've found to be about the most reliable quality-wise, can leave you with a formaldehyde hangover if it's a bit old) and I now suspect some of the cases of food poisoning I've had were not due to bacterial or viral infections. But I've got to eat.

Oh well, even if all my food and drink is safe, the air is still poisonous.

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