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Since I installed this wireless internet card my computer has crashed in some way or another three times. Three times in two weeks, and before the card was installed it caused me no trouble at all. And each time it has crashed it has fucked up something in Firefox. The second time was just after lzh had installed MSN messenger whatever and she was chatting while I was trying to surf (kinda hard to do while somebody's constantly butting in). Suddenly the computer froze. I got it restarted only to discover that the cookies had all mysteriously disappeared. Well, that's no big deal, really. But the first and third times it's been the bookmarks which have mysteriously disappeared, and that is a major pain in the arse.

So, once again,


Anyway, I suspect the software provided by China Unicom to run this wireless thing. I would like to get this problem sorted out, or at least find out if it can be sorted out, so that I can find a more reliable way of getting online if it turns out that everything made by China Unicom is comlete shit.

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