timetable and soy sauce

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I finally have a timetable. Sort of. I have four three-hour classes, starting from tomorrow. I don’t know what’s happening after that. I’m just finishing off their course, their previous foreign teacher has already left, or so it would seem. Anyway, the powers that be haven’t forgotten me and I am going to be given work. Sweet.


But three hour classes. Done them before, and it’s hard. It’s an awkward length of time to prepare for. I think I’ll treat them as three one-hour classes.


When I brought my stuff back from Changping on Monday evening, a bottle of soy sauce leaked in my bag, but because it was safely wrapped up in a plastic bag, I didn’t worry about it. This morning I discovered that it had also leaked onto the books that were sitting under the plastic bag of sauces and spices. Mostly there’s just dried soy sauce sticky mess on the covers of the books, but in one case (‘Vu, lu, entendu’ by Driss Chraibi, which I was looking forward to re-reading) it also soaked into the pages. Really, really annoying, because, even though the book is still entirely legible, it reeks of soy sauce. I guess I could clean the mess off the covers with a damp cloth, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get the soy sauce out of ‘Vu, lu, entendu’, which is going to seriously affect the pleasure of re-reading it. It’s a really good book describing Chraibi’s experiences growing up in from the colonial period through World War Two and beyond. Now, when I re-read it, the whole experience while be polluted with the all-pervading reek of old soy-sauce. Great.

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