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WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!


32-12, if I remember rightly, not a bad score at all, especially considering Aussie scored the first try. And it was a pretty good try, too, I have to admit. But the All Blacks very quickly came back to take control of the game and kick Wallaby arse.


I have a confession to make: I watched the game at the Den. I normally hate the Den, but because I’ve spent so much time in Tianjin and generally out of the Beijing bar scene and because John Bull has turned to shit I didn’t really know where else to go. So I left the decision as to where we’d watch the game up to the mate I was watching it with, knowing full well that he’s developed a bit of a soft spot for the Den. Anyway, I was at the Den yesterday afternoon. I’m not proud of it, but rugby needed to be watched. We all have to compromise sometimes.


Anyway, the day started on a more positive note in healthier surroundings: We went to the Tree for pizza and a couple of beers, you know, just to warm up for the game. The Tree has this really beautiful promotion going: A beer called Palm going for 20 kuai a bottle before 7 pm and 25 thereafter. Two pizzas and four rather potent (but really good) beers later we trundled off to the Den where we drank Tsingtao drafts for 25 kuai each. Value for money.


But it was a good day.


I start work tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it. My contract says up to 20 hours per week. For the next six weeks or so I’ll have 28 hours. Still, they have promised me 120 kuai per hour overtime. That’s not too bad. What’s most irritating, though, is that for these six or so weeks I’ll be working at the Changping campus. It’s not until late August or even September that I’ll have classes here in Wudaokou. Still, I get to keep the apartment here, they’ve left me Friday afternoons free, and they’ll provide a car and driver to take me to and from the Changping campus. But that does mean that weekdays I live out there, and I only get to stay here on weekends.


The other day on the subway I saw a guy with 流氓 tattooed on his arm. Well, at least he’s honest.


These new McDonald’s posters are really annoying me: A picture of whatever their new ridiculously huge burger that has about twice as much meat as a Big Mac with the words “你够牛吗?” Alright, so I suppose it’s a good marketing tactic, as always. That’s probably the one thing McDonald’s does really well: marketing. Everything else they do is rubbish at best. Anyway, the poster really annoys me because , at least in the more developed cities, is starting to develop its own epidemic of obesity and all the diseases that go with it, and McDonald’s steps in with what is probably one of its least responsible marketing campaigns apparently deliberately designed to encourage over-eating. Not just over-eating, but the over-eating of what everybody knows to be pure junk. What a great way to prove you have all the corporate responsibility of Halliburton.


Still, McDonald’s is good for a hangover or sobering up in a hurry.


It’s amazing how much having to put up with a slow and unreliable dial-up has killed my desire to get online. I used to spend hours on end online. Not anymore. The school has promised a broadband connection, but, because it can only be used during office hours (brilliant idea, that one, turn the broadband off after hours because the foreign teachers who are expected to live in this shitty building couldn’t possibly want to get online after hours. Either that or they don’t want us surfing unsupervised, perhaps) and lzh does not officially live here they’re not in any hurry to actually give me the necessary cable. I hope the apartment in Changping is a little better set up from that point of view.



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