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My computer seems to be ill again. The day before yesterday it refused to start for quite some time. All I could convince it to do when I pushed the 'on' button was to flash its lights once, check the DVD drive, then sit there with the fan whirring and the screen blank, nothing happening. Then eventually it did start. And then yesterday it suddenly decided to restart itself. And after it restarted itself, it froze. So I turned it off and started it again. I was writing this when it froze again. I couldn't get it to restart. Today, so far, it's working alright.

So I'm supposed to be packing my stuff. I'm moving back to Beijing tomorrow. But one thing is confusing me: The new boss seems to think I need a 住宿迁出证明 from the police station. I've never needed such a thing before. The school gave me a document to say I'm allowed to leave, but I'm pretty sure it was written by the school, not the police station. Oh well, guess I'll find out tomorrow.

So, I'm leaving Tianjin tomorrow. I'll be in Ali Baba's later this afternoon for a few goodbye drinks. Ali Baba's is probably the only place in Tianjin that I'll miss. Then I'll be on the 10:30 train to Beijing tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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