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Shit. My students got their arses seriously kicked today.

Lately the school has been running a basketball competition, and one of my classes had one of the better teams. Today was the final, and they were playing. They started well and put a few points on the board early on, but then they slacked off and through the middle of the match they looked like they were asleep, to the point where the other team got themselves thirty-odd points ahead.

I've already had enough students away injured because of basketball this semester, so I sure as shit wasn't happy to see one of my students smack his knee hard on the court and limp to the side. He tried to play on, but he couldn't really run, just hop as quickly as his one good leg would carry him, so he went off for a few minutes to sort his knee out. Then ten or fifteen seconds after he came back on to the court my kids are on the attack, but they get held up right under the hoop, nothing going. Bad Knee was on the outside, totally open, he took a pass from inside the keyhole, took one step back to put himself outside the three-point line, and dropped the ball through the net perfectly, totally calm, like a pro. Beautiful shot. From then on, during slack periods, he'd limp his way up the court, but when the game was on, he played hard and scored several more points. Then he limped off the court. His was by far the gutsiest performance of the day.

About the time Bad Knee got that beautiful three pointer my lads picked up the pace and fought back hard. Unfortunately, it was too late, the other team had the momentum, and my lads couldn't catch up. Still, they walked off with their pride intact. On the whole it was a good game and they did their best.

And in completely unrelated news: May Day is proving to be a right pain in the arse. We were planning to go to Qingdao, but getting accomodation is proving to be a right nightmare. Well, this morning in a combination of text messages and phone calls, we decided to pretty much give up on ever getting to Qingdao. lzh said "What shall we do?" I suggested maybe checking out Qinhuangdao or Dalian. Well, it seems Dalian might be a go-er, and because she's now found cheap accomodation in Tianjin, it looks like she'll come here first then we'll take the train round to Dalian. This way it's good: if the train isn't good, there's always the boat. And my whole reasoning betwen suggesting Qinhuangdao and Dalian is that because they're further north and there's still a bit of a chill on the breeze, most people won't be wanting to go there. Get in while it's cold, have a chance at finding a decent place to stay and room to move on the beach, right? Shit, I'm from Wellington, I can handle a sea breeze, and I can shelter her. So so far it's looking good. I'll go looking for train and/or boat tickets tomorrow, let her know the dates, she'll settle the accomodation.

lzh has never seen the sea. I was born within spitting distance of the South Pacific (depending on the direction of Wellington's fearsome winds, naturally). She wants to see the sea. I fucking need to. I'm looking forward to this. And I hope Dalian works out. The last kind of sea I want to see is the fucking Bohai "World's Largest Cesspool" Sea. It's not even a proper sea, to begin with, and a sea that you can't swim in for fear of dissolving is not a sea worth seeing so much as a sea worth dropping a match on and turning into the world's largest barbeque. At least Dalian has a coast facing the real ocean.

So, yeah, I only suggested Qinhuangdao because it's reasonably close and at least has something worth seeing (unlike most cities around the Bohai Cesspool). Shanhaiguan, along with Jiayuguan, is on my list of places that must be visited some time. But if lzh wants to see the sea, she can bloody well see the real thing, so Shanhaiguan is a last resort if Dalian doesn't work out.

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