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Two things, completely unrelated except for the fact they both belong in the 'What the fuck....?' category:

1: Last night I dreamt I couldn't get to sleep.

2: On the weekend I went to a new bar. Well, that in itself isn't so terribly strange (although I am a creature of bar-going habits), but there was something very odd about the bar in question. So on Saturday I arranged to meet with a mate of mine at a bar where he said we could watch the Hong Kong Sevens on a big screen. When he finally got around to telling me the name of the bar and where it was, I thought, hmmm, haven't I heard of that place? Something about The Brewery Tap located at Blue Castle (which is actually brick-red in colour) rang a bell. Anyway, so lzh and I found our way there and sat down. Well, at first it seemed alright. Tsingtaos were two for the price of one from 5pm to 8pm and they had the Sevens on a big screen right over the bar. A while later my mate turned up, followed by another of his mates, and we made very good use of happy hour. Sunday morning we arranged to meet again at the Brewery Tap at about half eleven or twelve to continue watching the Sevens. I got there at exactly half past eleven only to find the pub closed. I texted lzh (who had just finished an exam) and my mate to tell them the pub was closed and I'd be waiting for them in the Hunan restaurant immediately across the road. I found the opening times of the pub and the bell that rang when my mate told me the name and address of the place rang a million times louder.... Hadn't I read teh Imagethief ( ranting about this place?

Well, a quick search of Will's blog turned up nothing that definitely could be associated with the depressingly closed pub whose stupidly locked door I was staring at. But I'm sure he knows the place, and it could be that my search was too quick.

So the Brewery Tap's opening hours are something like 5pm to 1am weekdays and 3pm to something wrong on weekends. This is why this experience is in the 'What the fuck....?' category. Obviously whoever owns this place isn't overly interested in staying in business. Look at the location: In the CBD, in a residential area, a stone's throw from many offices and businesses. I'm sure that even if they didn't get too many people stopping by for business lunches or at least lunch breaks on the weekdays, they could still make an absolute killing by opening at intelligent hours on the weekends. In fact, as the three of us were sitting in the Hunan restaurant opposite we watched the Brewery Tap lost at least 500, if not a thousand kuai from the people who walked up to the pub door expecting it to be open. And there was no shortage of foot traffic. Imagine how much they could have raked in just be being open with those who intended to go there calling up their mates to come watch the Sevens and people who happened to be passing by deciding to drop in for a drink on the way home. Imagine how much more they could have raked in by putting posters up in the windows two weeks ago advertising a special deal for Sevens weekend- say an all-day happy hour (applying to soft drinks as well) with a certain discount on food. Imagine all the sporting events that the large number of expats and wealthy Chinese living and working in that area would be interested in that the Brewery Tap could make an absolute killing off just be having reasonable opening hours. Even if they didn't have the big screen, imagine how much more they could make simply by being open at times ordinary, reasonable people expect pubs, restaurants and cafes to be open.

So I didn't get to watch any of the Sevens on Sunday. That was the most disappointing thing. But really, the Brewery Tap's opening hours are simply ridiculous and so Sunday's experience of the pub-that-doesn't-want-to-be gets filed in the 'What the fuck....?' category.  

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