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I hate giving exams. I have one more then I'm done for the semester, but that also means I have a huge stack of papers to mark.

But it's not the marking that I hate most. No, that's only second worst. What I hate the most is that exams bring out the stupidest behaviour in otherwise intelligent students. The worst so far was a student who said, "Teacher, I forgot my glasses". I said, alright, go up closer to the blackboard and look (the topic for their essay was on the blackboard). And then, standing only one metre from the blackboard, Boy Genius had to borrow his classmate's glasses to read what was written there.

I mean....


If you're so blind that you can't read what is written in large, clear letters on the blackboard from only one metre away, how the could you possibly be running around without your glasses?!

Anyway, one more exam on Monday, then I'll get the marking and calculation of final grades done as quickly as possible, then I'll be free till the end of February.

Looking forward to it...

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