back, and married again

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We're back. We're married again, this time in the Chinese cultural sense to match our legal status. It was all good, and all went off with only a few very minor hassles. My parents coped spectacularly well with the whole experience, even staying one night out in the village. Well, the found it cold (surprise, surprise), but they enjoyed the experience. And I've discovered they love sweet and sour pork.

We got the DVDs of the wedding back today on our way back (two copies: one for us, one for my parents to take back to New Zealand), and we're watching our copy now. It's pretty funny.

We also stopped off at Badaling on the way back so Mum and Dad could actually climb the Great Wall and see it up close and personal instead of just racing past on the bus. Badaling was all I expected it to be, but blessedly lacking in hordes of tourists. Still, the north wind blew up strong by the time we got there, and I think the temperature dropped just a little bit further below Mum and Dad's comfort zone.

Anyway, more later when time and energy allow. 

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