going to the village and I'm going to get married

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So at about 9 am, assuming my parents and best man are ready, we'll be jumping in a taxi for Deshengmen then taking the bus over to Yanqing. At lunch today my parents will meet at least lzh's mum, probably her uncle and aunt as well, and maybe her dad- although her dad might stay in the village to take the sheep out to graze this afternoon. We'll see. Then tomorrow we get married. Again.

It's kinda strange, we've been legally married for nearly a year now- 11 months and four days, to be precise. Well, if I'm going to be really precise, I'll have to wait till about 2:30 this afternoon to say 11 months and four days, but anyway.... So I suppose I'm supposed to feel all nervous and stuff. Oh well. I think everything is just about organised and all we have to do is show up. 

Mum and Dad seem to be coping with China alright, although yesterday's smog did get to Dad's lungs. Got him some medicine to keep him going, though. Sometimes China's rather relaxed controls over what can or cannot be sold over the counter are good- I'll have one Ventolin inhaler, please. Oh sure, here you are.

Anyway, the weather is bright and clear today, perfect for Mum and Dad's first peek at the Great Wall. Hopefully it's one of those days when, rolling down into the Yanqing basin from Badaling, you get a spectacular view right across the basin.

Alright, better go.

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