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So I'm pretty happy with over-blog's version 2, but one thing disturbs me (I've only just found the time to start poking around the back end of version 2), and that is that in the design section we can choose from several different "ethnic" themes. I guess what set it off for this Kiwi lad was an "ethnic-Maori" theme. Number One: There is nothing even remotely Maori about that theme. Nothing. Ask any Kiwi- Maori, Pakeha or otherwise. Nothing in that theme suggests anything about Aotearoa-New Zealand or anywhere else in the Pacific. Number Two: Who the fuck are you Europeans to go appropriating other people's cultures for your own ends? Who the hell do you think you are?

Alright, I'm probably being oversensitive, but I think these "ethnic" themes are overly insensitive. And I note that they include ethnic- Chinese, Japanese, African, Celtic, South American, and Arabic, and that there is precious little about these themes which is in any way representative of any of these "ethnicities".

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